Best Kitchen Cleaning Services At your Doorstep

Best Kitchen Cleaning Services

In today’s busy schedules nobody has enough time to spend cleaning environments like homeshousesoffices, hospitals, schools, etc. Cleaning service providers play an important role to save the clients time and energy. Although there are many cleaning service providers, We, Safaiwale are the best professional kitchen cleaning services in India for over a decade now. Thus we can serve you in the best possible way. The reason is that we are equipped with expert professionals who have access to the latest tools that can help out in getting the job done. Hence, once you hire us everything would be cleaned thoroughly such as ventilators, windows, kitchen tiles, switchboards, exhaust fans, etc.

Besides this, our professionals would also remove the oil strains from appliances, tiles, etc. Moreover, they would also clean the stainless chrome/steel fittings present in the kitchen. Some of the other tasks that they would perform are disinfecting and scrubbing the floors as well as cleaning up the cabinet of the kitchen.

Why Should We Keep The Kitchen So Clean?

The kitchen is the heart of every house. You all know, the delicious food that we all enjoy every day is cooked in the kitchen. Obviously, the entire family’s health depends on the hygiene standards of the kitchen. Cooking regularly in the kitchen can lead to a lot of moisture, grease, and smoke. It can further attract a lot of pests and ultimately cause damage to your health. Besides this, with regular kitchen deep cleaning, every corner of the kitchen would be cleaned and thus it won’t be a breeding space for germs. Hence, it is advised that you opt for a professional that can provide you with kitchen cleaning services. Looking for an affordable and professional kitchen cleaning services provider in India, We, Safaiwale is the best one with vast experience in the cleaning industry.

What Are The Benefits Of Kitchen Cleaning Services?

  • Quality Services from the top class professionals
  • Doorstep Service available
  • Flexible Time slot booking facility
  • High-quality chemicals usage which never harms
  • 100% effective cleaning service
  • Affordable price packages
  • Improve the working conditions of staff: With deep kitchen cleaning, you get a healthier working environment and therefore the members of your family can cook fast in a very efficient way.
  • Increase hygiene: With kitchen deep cleaning, the spreading of bacteria and cross-contamination is eliminated. In this way, the level of hygiene would be increased in the kitchen.
  • Reduce various Foodborne diseases: If you opt for kitchen cleaning regularly, then the risk of foodborne diseases is reduced. The reason is that with the help of this procedure, germs can be prevented from infecting utensils and foods.
  • The risk of pests is minimized: If the cleanliness of the pests is maintained, then pest infestation would be prevented. It is recommended that you opt for kitchen cleaning after a span of every 6 weeks such that you can prevent rodents and pests from entering your property.
  • Keep your environment healthy: Another great benefit of kitchen cleaning services is the fact that they can have a very positive effect on health. High moisture levels and grease present in kitchen ducts can cause the growth of mildew, mold, and bacteria. So, over a period of time, your property might get infested with disease-causing germs which can make your family ill. Thus, it is important that you hire a kitchen cleaning professional.

Why you should choose Safaiwale?

It’s thus essential to keep the bugs and dust off your kitchen shelves and keep it entirely clean and hygienic. We know the efforts that go into cleaning a kitchen, from the grease marks on the stove, and the burnt marks on the walls to the termites that may have infected your shelves or the stained floors. Worry not, Safaiwale is here to take care of all your kitchen cleaning problems, to make sure your kitchen is void of all the stains and dirt and is spick & span before you know it!

  • Experienced: When you hire a professional for kitchen cleaning, then you should look for someone who is capable of doing the task. With Safaiwale, you can go to get exactly that as we are equipped with a team of experienced team members who are catering these services for over 10 years now. Besides this, booking our services is quite easy and all you would have to do is get in touch with us. Once, we receive your query, then we will send a professional to your doorstep in just 3 hours. Thus, you would get peace of mind knowing that your work would be done by a reliable professional.
  • Skilled and professional: Our kitchen cleaning professionals are quite skilled. They are completely aware of the know-how of how to perform the work. Besides this, since they are aware of how to get the work done and thus they will bring the right equipment with them. In addition, we would also recommend you any kitchen cleaning product that might be needed.
  • Flexibility: We are quite flexible in terms of our services and thus we can come to your doorstep according to your time and convenience.
  • Complete sanitization:  We provide our customers with quality service and thus we keep the hygiene of our customers as the priority. Further, we offer complete sanitization with the help of professional-grade chemicals and kitchen cleaning tools.

When should kitchen cleaning services be booked?

You should probably book a kitchen cleaning service every month in order to keep your kitchen sanitized and clean. In addition, you can also opt for this service after you move to a new home or after a get-together or party.

What are the chemicals and equipment that we use?

Some of the chemicals that we use are scorch Brite scrubbers, cleaning agents, and disinfectants to name a few.

Inclusions In Our Kitchen Cleaning Services:

  • Cleaning of ventilators, windows, exhaust fans, ceiling fans, switchboards, and kitchen tiles.
  • Cleaning of door handles and doors.
  • Wash zone and sink cleaning.
  • Cleaning of chrome fittings and stainless steel
  • Cleaning various appliances such as microwave, refrigerator, oven, and toaster
  • Also Cleans the various storage cabinets as well as utensils and jars
  • Wiping, floor washing, and disinfection

Areas cover under Kitchen Cleaning Services:

  1. Corner Cleaning: Cleaning each and every corner to remove soil and stain for a Spotless and germ-free kitchen.
  2. Appliance cleaning: Removing cobwebs and a complete dusting of your kitchen including tiles, walls, fans, light fixtures windows, doors, and switchboards.
  3. Complete wiping and dusting
  4. Brushing and removal of dust: Scrubbing and wiping of kitchen tiles, wall preparation table, storage cabinets (externally), and countertops.
  5. Cleaning the areas where grease and dirt can build up, such as under the stove and around the seats of the fridge, exhaust fans, and Chimney.
  6. De-greasing of gas hobs/burners and Chimney hoods.
  7. Cleaning on stainless steel and Chrome kitchen fixtures.
  8. Cleaning of open shelves by removal of jars and utensils.
  9. External cleaning of electrical kitchen appliances such as Chimney, refrigerator, microwave, toaster oven, and other appliances.

Exclusions: Removing and placing the back of utensils, and cleaning of utensils.

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